Spiced Apple Cider

I do hate whining but I fear I must. Two more days left till we bid February adieu and (at least, here in Philadelphia) winter has no sign of leaving. Every week though, there comes a time when I think we have seen the worst of the chilly weather. Happily I start to dig through my shamefully messy closet in search of a spring dress but it is freezing again the next day. I guess being from a subtropical country has its ups and downs. No matter how long I live in the east coast, I fear I may never get used to the cold…which brings me to my latest recipe — Spiced apple cider. I firmly believe, anything tea can do, cider can do better. Especially, cider that has been gently simmered with orange peel and cloves and cinnamon. Dear god, if you could only smell my kitchen right now you would forgive me for all the things I have burnt since I started Saffron Tales.

Cider and cinnamon are what signify fall. But smack-dab in the middle end of winter you can’t blame a girl for craving some.  Fair warning though, this is quite addictive and lovely to sip on with a snuggie wrapped tight around you.

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  1. Hello
    Have you yet published ” biye bari style roast”. Your pranhara recipe looks genuine. I will try it out soon.
    Thank you

  2. This recipe makes me nostalgic, I can taste the aroma of the winter air in Massachusetts mixing with the pungent smells of apple and spices. :)

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