Black Sesame Lace Cookies

Those who know me know that I absolutely, madly, deeply love cookies. I love them so much I would marry them if I wasn’t already hitched to my Mr  R. We are all friends here so I don’t mind telling you. I am infatuated and I am always stealing a bite here and there. For some reason though I never got around to posting about these little morsels here. It is high time I break that streak of not posting about cookies. These cookies live up to their name by being utterly delicate, brittle and divine. Lovely to munch on they go equally well with a bowl of ice cream. The recipe is from my favorite cook book “Flour” by Joanne Chang who owns the bakery by the same name. I discovered these in Boston and although I no longer live there, these cookies remind me of those days.

lace cookies-1


This is where I forgot to have parchment paper on my baking sheet and regretted it bitterly. The cookies got stuck to the pan and a couple of them tore. Oh well, life goes on.

lace cookies-1-3

lace cookies-1-5

lace cookies-1-11

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  1. These looks and sounds absolutely delicious. First time on your blog and love your recipes. Will be back soon.

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