Back to basics for the first post of 2013

Happy new year folks. I know I am a little late here. But I think you should be able to guess why. Classes have started again. On the 2nd to be exact and then after numerous practice sessions (read failed attempts), and 7 hours of practical exam over two days later, I am back to saffron tales. This being the first post of 2013, I have been raking my brain trying to come up with something worldly and appropriately fitting to say. And… Nope…nothing.. . So for the first post of 2013, I have decided to go back to my roots and to post a rice recipe. Why rice, you ask.  Well, it’s because I’m Bengali. And Bengali’s and rice go together like bread and butter, like macaroni and cheese, and salt and pepper. Milk and cookies.  Ketchup and fries. You get my point.


Anyways. Us, Bengalis, we eat rice everyday.  We eat it for lunch, for dinner, sometimes for dessert and heck, some people even eat it for breakfast. Rice is forever the entrée relegating all the others to sides. Sadly though, it is surprisingly easy to, um, screw up. Look away for a minute and lovely grains are forever transformed into an unsalvageable mush. But, never again people. We must say, never again.


Here I give you the way to cook the perfect polau. If one rice dish goes especially well with a curry banquet it’s polau. I simply adore it with its mellow fragrance and spice-strewn appearance. Those that cook pulao should notice how this is done a little differently. The rice is not roasted in oil before water is added (I promise to post how to do that soon), but have faith, it does turn out brilliantly.

As always, Enjoy!!

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  1. What a lovely picture of a tasty and beautiful rice! I love all of your wonderful spices and have all of them except for mace and black cardamom (which I’m not familiar with). Your website is gorgeous and I’m looking forward to exploring it more! Thanks for following me at Fridgg!

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